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Multiple Myeloma is a tumor involving the blood producing cells in the bone marrow. A cancerous plasma cell is called a Myeloma and Myeloma is called "multiple" since there are frequently multiple areas in the bones where tumors or lesions have developed.

Myeloma cells crowd out normal blood cells and affect the immune system. A specific cause has not yet been identified. 

Most patients who have multiple Myeloma don't die from the disease itself, they die from other diseases the Myeloma makes them more susceptible to.

Despite the fact there is no cure for the disease, many people who have it can be treated so they can live fairly normal lives, she said.

When Donna LaRocque's husband, Roger, was diagnosed with the disease in spring 2005, the Gladewater couple knew little about it. They felt alone in facing the unknown of treatment.

"There were other types of support groups in the East Texas area, but nothing for people who had multiple Myeloma and their families. People in other groups dealing with other types of cancer can't relate even for leukemia there's a cure but not for multiple Myeloma patients. It's unique."

Don't take the Myeloma journey by yourself. Come join us as you travel through the Multiple Myeloma journey!!


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